Saturday, 26 November 2011

but moon is alone in the sky

the sky is blue ,
and moon alonein the sky ,
stars are moving around it
but moon is alone in the sky….
 stars are twinkling ,
and close and open their eyes,
sky looks like blue sea ,
but  moon is alone in the sky…
the stars want to play with moon ,
they are try to make laugh to moon,
and they want that moon be happy ,
but moon feel alone in the sky….
stars look like lighten candle ,
and the sky look llike a temple,
but moon find the god and
moon is not happy…
 sky is looking like silent sea side ,
it give peace to people,
the child is happy to see the moon,
now moon is also happy ,
 bcoz of child smile,
now moon got the god ,
in the face of child…………

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